Welcome to Falling Dreams! 落ちる夢

Salutations, and welcome to falling dreams! My crappy little corner of the web. Im still working on this site. But besides that, be sure to get comfortable, ya weirdos!



Welcome to Falling Dreams! You might be like: "What kind of fever dream is this?" I DONT FRIGGIN KNOW!!! Go see this sugar coated trip yourself!

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This site is a digital heck!

WEIRD = FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If this site had a flavor, it would taste like RAINBOW FANTERS!!!!!!

Also, btw, no refunds to having your eyes being squeezed by this site! :)

VV Meet Skrunkle the Wolfbug! VV

Old broken gifypet version of him:

Heya! Im still here! Sorry I havent updated this place in a long time. Dont worry, this site will still be updated!

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  • Dont forget to touch grass!

    Jesterbird doesnt like stealing!

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